Why C2C?

The residential construction arena can be a minefield – and not just for customers, builders can suffer too. The Australian Construction Industry has more legislation, oversight and regulation than any other single industry in the country. The reason is that there are so many different components that pose a risk.

The C2C System is more than just another building management system. It’s a partnership system. It integrates every facet of residential construction into a straight line project management system. It does so in a way that is completely transparent to the customer and everyone involved. Indeed, all parties involved with the project become a contributor and collaborator: the Customer, the Building Designer and the Builder.

The benefits are clear and are based on 6 Fundamentals:

  1. C2C is more Efficient
  2. C2C is more Effective
  3. C2C is more Economical
  4. C2C delivers higher levels of Service
  5. C2C allows customers to Save Money
  6. C2C ensures financial and project Security for both Customers and Builders

Designed by experts, C2C Building Innovation Systems (C2CBIS Pty Ltd), is transforming the industry and eradicating the many chronic problems experienced across the sectors today. C2C has developed a unique multi-layered, integrated package of software, contracting and business systems based on 5D Building Information Modelling (BIM). The entire system has been designed specifically for managing domestic building projects – no matter how big or small. It is unique and the only one of its kind available in the market today.

The C2C System changes the way the entire process of design, procurement and building of domestic housing projects is managed, from initial concept and design through to project completion. The C2C System creates certainty in cost, design and technical viability, reducing risk and creating more effective and efficient projects with sustainable cost savings to designers/architects, builders and home owners. It is Predictable.

Not only does the C2C System enable the home owner to have complete control and transparency over the procurement process and to pay all suppliers, including builders directly, it also incorporates a series of innovative features which create an Internet-based network of independent designers/architects, builders and suppliers with direct links to benefit the home owner.

The C2C System delivers significant cost efficiencies, as well as certainty and transparency across all phases of design, procurement, variations and final build.

As a Builder or Home Owner you will save time and money, reduce stress and risk, and still deliver a quality residential building project.

Benefits of the C2C System:

  • Reduced overall risk for home owners
  • Reduced overall risk to industry sectors – delivering direct benefits to home owners
  • Improved financier security
  • High levels of certainty of design meeting wish list and budget
  • Transparent and competitive prices as part of forming contract assembly
  • Consistent overall cost savings to home owners
  • Low cost usage of the C2C System

If you are a Home Owner (or Prospective Home Owner) a Property Developer, a Licensed Builder, a Building Designer, or Architect and you would like to learn more about how you can take advantage of the From Concept2Completion System, contact us today.