FAQ’s for Home Owners and Property Developers

Q. Do I have to choose a C2C System Accredited Builder or C2C System Accredited Designer?
A. Only if you want to take full advantage of the entire C2C system. The C2C System Accredited Building Designers and Builders are independent service providers. You are also free to use a C2C System Accredited Building Designer however, you are never “locked” into using a C2C System Accredited Builder. You always have choices.

Q. Do you provide the same service for Renovations and Extensions?
A. Yes, there are C2C System Accredited Builders who specialise in this type of work.

Q. Do I have copyright of the plans once finished?
A. We always recommend that you use an Independent C2C System Accredited Building Designer to create your design and plans. Copyright is generally at the discretion of the Building Designer and is dependent upon what sketches you provide. However, by using a Building Designer it means you can take the same plans to any Builder you choose, and do not need permission to do so. If you were to engage a Building Company to design your home and draw your plans, then you are obligated to that Building Company for the entire project – avoid this if you can.

Q. Who engages the engineering consultants and private certifiers, etc?
A. The C2C System Accredited Building Designer has access to a professional and reliable network of C2C System Accredited Consultants and will assist you with recommendations. They will then liaise directly with these consultants on your behalf to keep the process moving along. You remain in control and still have the flexibility of choice. You will also pay these consultants directly.

Q. How do I know how much it is going to cost before I start?
A. By using the C2C System you can see and review accurate trial budget data from the earliest stage of the project. This avoids situations where people sink large sums into their project only to find out that the “Real Cost” exceeds their financial budget. The C2C System is unique in that all of the C2C Accredited Building Designers and Builders use the identical system of project management from the concept stage through to hand over.

Q. Do I pay extra for variations?
A. No, there is absolutely no extra costs for variations. You negotiate directly with trades and suppliers, through your builder for variations and you pay exactly the right price for those changes. You are in control. The builder will not charge you an additional fee for managing these variations unless they require a complete re-undertaking of the supervision component of the project. This will then be discussed with you as part of the variation undertaking.

Q. How do I decide which builder to choose?
A. C2C-Building Innovation Systems and Accredited Building Designers will only ever recommend from a strong network of Accredited C2C System Builders. And again, you have the freedom to choose a builder from that network.

If you wish to go to another builder you are free to do so, and any further involvement from the C2C System Accredited team will cease. The C2C System Accredited Building Designer will have no further input into the successful completion of your building project, as they would with a C2C System Accredited Builder. The true benefit for you relies on using the C2C System From Concept to Completion – and we appreciate that this is your choice to make.

You can be confident knowing that C2C System Accredited Builders are proven and monitored in terms of their capabilities, quality, ethics, service and project management skills.

Q. We are on a very tight budget. Do you work with Project Home Builders who provide quality and value for money?
A. Unfortunately From Concept2Completion don’t work with Project Home Builders. They have a very specific system and set of rules that you must abide by. They do not allow any transparency or flexibility in their systems, pricing or design processes. You must select from their range and operate under their contractual system. C2C Accredited Designers and Builders are there to assist you to create a building project that is unique to your style, needs and budget.