Property Owners

If you are a Home Owner or a Property Developer why not take advantage of the C2C System? Whether you need a renovation, extension, or a full design and construction solution for a new home or any type of multi-unit development; the C2C System will deliver great outcomes for you and your project.

With the C2C System, everyone is on your side.

Challenges of the Building Industry

The residential building industry is racked with problems such as time overruns, cost blow outs, no transparency, lack of predictability, high variation loadings, tight profit margins, constant external and internal risks, and the use of a ‘one size fits all’ contract structure that simply does not fit most situations. These problems affect not only builders, but all stakeholders including designers, trades and suppliers, customers, and financial institutions.

Most people contemplating a building project of any kind lack confidence in the costs of their project being transparent, predictable and reliable.

Any individual project that “has never been built before” carries massive risk in terms of cost and time. This is because no two projects are ever exactly the same because no two building sites are exactly the same. Right from the concept stage you face the following challenges:

  • High risk of the design budget not meeting the final cost, wasting the upfront design cost
  • Builders basing cost on low interim sums rather than fixed costs based on actual real quotes
  • Exposure to uncontrolled variations during the build
  • Payments not matching actual work done
  • Lack of transparent, competitive pricing
  • Financial Institution Valuers, in the knowledge the high risk of cost blow outs, will load higher contingencies – risking the viability of the project due to a lack of funding at the critical times.

How C2C is Different

The C2C System forms a collaboration network with designers, builders, suppliers, trades and consultants to relieve the stress points. This then reduces risk, increases savings, provides better security and reliable service to home owners and property developers.

Importantly the C2C System is not just a software package. It is a true “cross industry” business methodology. It increases profitability for all parties through better efficiency and minimisastion of risk.

The C2C System allows you, as the owner of the project, to have access to more transparent, competitive pricing, avoid the danger of budget overruns, and have the opportunity to share in lower overall project costs.

The Value of Starting Your Project Using the C2C System

By using the C2C System at the Design Stage you can ensure that the C2C System Accredited Designer has the tools and skills to design an outcome in accordance with your budget.

The 3D Virtual World Design and Building Information Modelling allows you to be involved in making informed decisions to facilitate the design using data that is measured against real building costs supplied by Builders, Suppliers and Tradespeople.

You are able to have your project built for a set fee (Guaranteed Maximum Price), whilst controlling the funding by paying all contractors and suppliers direct. Using unique provisions in building contracts you can reduce the risk and ensure predictability in the outcome.

People just like you, who have made the choice to engage a C2C Accredited Building Designer and Builder, are benefiting from genuine cost savings because the C2C System delivers the building project in a way that is end to end; More Efficient, More Effective and More Economical.

It’s simple: if you are not using a C2C System Accredited Building Designer and Builder then you are at risk – right from the outset. To find out how to reduce or eliminate that risk and create an outstanding building project that can be delivered on time and on budget then contact us today by filling in the easy form on the right.