Property Owners, Designers and Builders ALL win when leveraging the power of the C2C System™

Building Designers have been subject to a diminishing of their core business value for some time now.  This has been fuelled by the “DIY” renovation and “Grand Designs” vogue programs on TV.  So much so, a staggering 35% of home owners surveyed at the HIA Home and Renovation Expo in May 2013, will attempt to produce their own plans!

As a Building Designer you appreciate the importance of this statement:
Every line drawn has a performance and cost consideration that will affect the project outcome.

Smart Customers engage qualified Building Designers to design their project

C2C Accredited Designers now have the tools and the power to deliver incredible benefits to their customers and differentiate themselves in the market place.

Today, a lack of cost information other than rough $/m2 rates, has led to a high risk of re-design at the designers cost when the final price from the builder exceeds the clients budget. The other risk is that the design never gets built and the blame lies squarely with the Building Designer in the eyes of the Property Owner.

Overall the pressures facing building designers are:

  • Diminishing market share;
  • Not winning contracts;
  • Design not meeting budget; and
  • Diminishing profit margins.

A Building Designer and Customer need to form a partnership. This partnership can only be efficient, effective and economical to both parties if they have a foundation of accurate and reliable data to work from!

Customers (Home Owners and Property Developers) are more driven to identify cost efficiencies and reduce risk for their project At the earliest point – the Concept Stage – Designers who are C2C System Accredited can provide predictable solutions and certainty to the customer. These Designers are in turn rewarded by providing a value added service to their customers which can only be enabled by the C2C System.

As a Designer, the C2C system will allow you (as well as small to medium sized builders) to use major advances in 5D BIM technology. The C2C System creates certainty in cost, design and technical viability, reducing risk and creating better project outcomes. The C2C system utilises 3D models so you can provide detailed and accurate 5D cost planning and project management systems to both property owners and builders. You will be able to show your clients the true costs of construction for their unique project.

The win – win – win propositions for Designers, Builders, and ultimately your clients are delivered by the stripping away of the antiquated commercial model that the whole industry has traditionally worked under. The C2C System simply drives those outcomes “from concept 2 completion”.

The C2C System is provided at no cost to C2C Accredited Building Designers through their membership of the Built Environment Design Institute Ltd.

C2C System Accredited Designers and Builders are granted exclusive access to the C2C System and are trained to adopt best practice system use.

Importantly the C2C System is not just a software package to use within the building industry. At its core, the C2C System provides measurable benefits for each of the following parties of the industry, ensuring each has a compelling reason to be involved and working towards a singular successful outcome for the Building Project.

  • Designers
  • Builders
  • Trades and Suppliers
  • Consultants
  • Financiers
  • Property Owners

“The housing design and building industry is made up of isolated parties working under cumbersome, inefficient and ineffective operations that can lead to costly and frustrating conflicts between all involved, as well as home owners.” – Peter Woods, Co-Founder and CEO From Concept2Completion

The residential building industry is essentially uncivilised. What we mean by that is if you compare it directly with the top end of Commercial, Civil and Engineering Industries, the residential industry is a long, long way behind. Everyone suffers as a result. If you represent the new generation of smarter Designers who want to be part of the solution then get C2C Accredited today. Transform the way you do business and delight your clients!