Builder’s FAQ

Q. How do I get C2C Accredited?
A. Simply contact us and we will discuss your needs and goals as a builder and provide you with a plan and process.

Q. Do I need to pay to get C2C Accredited?
A. There is a small initial cost to undergo the training and accreditation process.

Q. How long does it take to become C2C Accredited?
A. Not that long. You need to complete some mandatory training and ensure that you are competent and professional in your use of the proprietory systems.

Q. Are there fees?
A. There are ongoing costs for operating the C2C System. These costs however are easily outweighed by the financial benefits to your business and the growth opportunities that the system presents to you and your building business.

Q. How can I find C2C Accredited Building Designers?
A. You will receive the appropriate introductions once you have become an Accredited C2C Builder.