Transforming the Residential Building Industry, One Successful Project at a Time

The C2C System forms a collaboration network between customers, building designers, builders, suppliers, trades and consultants in order to deliver predictable and transparent construction solutions. These solutions focus on cost savings, financial security and outstanding service to customers, no matter what type of project.

The C2C System was developed by industry experts – Builders and Building Designers with over 50 years direct experience in the residential design and construction industry. The aim is to allow customers and builders to work together towards a predictable outcome – one that is delivered on budget and on time.

The C2C System recognises that the various parties (designers, architects, builders, customers, finance providers and suppliers) of the domestic building industry traditionally work in isolation; and they all carry chronic stress points. This stress poses risk to all parties involved, and most customers are simply unaware of what a house of cards their building project really is. One false move and the risk and stress is exposed, often in the form of conflict between the various parties. The good news is: it doesn’t have to be this way. You can have a successful building project.

The C2C System is a multi-layered, integrated package of cloud software, contracts and business methods. It is end to end, and allows the customer to remain in control because it is completely transparent. Each module within the system is integrated and has a direct benefit to the parties within the building project.

If you have a unique building project, no matter how big or small, the C2C System is your key to success. With C2C you will:

  • save money
  • save time
  • reduce the stress on you and your family
  • have a transparent process and a transparent cost break down of your project
  • enjoy a predictable outcome
  • remain in control
  • be able to make informed choices
  • have inclusion
  • reduce, mitigate, or in some cases completely eliminate all financial risk from your building project
  • reduce or mitigate all potential conflict from your building project.

If you are a Licensed Builder and want to systemise your business so that you can provide a consistently high quality result for your clients, reduce your risks and potential for disputes, the C2C can help you achieve this. With C2C you will:

  • reduce the costs of your sales and marketing activity, allowing you to focus on delivering great construction outcomes for your customers
  • reduce and/or can eliminate the cost of estimating from your business – entirely!
  • be able to convert more prospective customers
  • reduce the risk that you, your assets and your family are constantly exposed to due to the nature of building industry
  • be able to increase your profitability without increasing your prices.

If you are a Qualified Building Designer and you are dedicated to providing your clients with professional and quality design solutions, then the C2C System can assist you. With C2C you will:

  • reduce the costs of your sales and marketing activity, whilst increasing your ability to gain new quality customers
  • have access to accurate and reliable cost analysis tools to help you and your clients
  • be able to convert more prospective customers
  • be able to increase your profitability without increasing your prices
  • be able to add value, predictabilty and certainty to your clients construction outcomes
  • have the opportunity to collaborate with professionals across the industry to ensure quality outcomes for your clients.

The From Concept2Completion System (C2C System) enables Accredited Building Designers and Builders to offer home owners a predictable, transparent and quality construction solution from end to end. No other residential construction solution can match this.